I just want to thank you for your awesome edits. You rewrote some of the descriptions beautifully!

- Joyce Bowman, St. Xavier High School

You and your team made it easy and wrote a blog post that will be helpful to families.

- Pediatric Anesthesiologist

This is really good. I think the story is realistic, positive and hopeful. I’m really glad this is our first blog to publish!

- IBD Specialist

Looks great! I have really enjoyed working with you. You are an excellent writer.

- Pediatric Gynecologist

Thanks for all your help. The story turned out great! The fact that there were so few changes means the doctors really like your work.

- Marketing Associate, Cincinnati Children’s

I think this is one of the best stories we’ve done for the magazine so far. Such great details and organized so well.

- Samantha Enslen, Dragonfly Editorial