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  • How Well Do You Know Our Neighborhood?
    Oakley Voice, Fall 2006

    Shops in my neighborhood are often mistaken as being located in a bordering neighborhood. To promote some civic pride and awareness of our neighborhood's boundaries, I wrote this light-hearted quiz and worked with a local artist on the illustrations.
    Take the Oakley Quiz (660 K - PDF)
  • Halloween
    Peanut Butter Press, October 1982

    I have loved writing ever since I was a child. I have journals filled with silly poems I made up as a kid and children's stories I wrote. I don't remember how I got this poem submitted (I'm sure my mom had a hand in it), but it is officially the first piece of writing I ever have had published. I was in fifth grade at the time. Enjoy!
A poem written by Kate Harold when in the fourth grade